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The art of wealth – FFU is LIVE

"Vanabhudhi", Oil on Canvas, Wendy Beresford   Did you know how much your parents earned?  Do you know how much your friends, spouse or partner earn, or what their net worth is?  Do you know what your net worth is?  I would say, for a lot of us,...

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The art of wealth – Video 3 now live

  I so hope you’ve enjoyed the first two videos of Ann Wilson’s complimentary “Freedom Workshop”, and that you’re beginning to see your potential as Wealth Creator Extraordinaire. I’m sharing these videos because I want to play a part in healing the shame and...

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The art of wealth – Video 2 now live

  Here’s a heads up that the second video from Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, in her complimentary Freedom Workshop, is now live, and you can watch it by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/2xKbrW7  I am self-employed.  Which means that I still exchange...

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The art of wealth

Today I want to share something with you which has brought so much value into my life.  And it’s not about art so much, but money! Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, is an author, speaker and financial empowerment activist.  She has a mission to bring financial...

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Painting God

One of the most paralysing aspects of being an artist, I find, is performance anxiety. Throughout the course of my life so far, I have danced in front of audiences, I have delivered indepth marketing proposals to important clients and even more important bosses, I...

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