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This week’s special offer

Valid until Tuesday 22 October 2019

“Mooji” and “Jamie Fraser – Outlander”

Available as downloads for this limited time


The upside of a download is that you save on shipping and printing costs from my end, but do make sure you take it to a good printer to get the best results.  If you’d prefer to buy the finished product, you can easily do so through The Art Shop.

How it works

Step 1: Click the link below the image and state your preferred method of payment in the body of the email, either Paypal (USD) or EFT (Rand) or Payfast (Either)

Step 2: I will email you an invoice for your chosen payment method

Step 3: Once I’ve received your payment, I will upload a high res file of the image to Dropbox and email you the link so you can download it at your leisure – easy!