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An artist, counselling astrologer and lover of good writing and all manner of artful expression, my ethos could best be described as living, to the best of my ability, a simple, slow and creative life.

I came late to my art.  I feel a sense of gratitude for this as I believe what little maturity I had at that point gave me the tenacity to stick with doing what I loved despite the challenges.  The timing was right.

I am entirely bad at art bollocks and pretension, and paint for the love of doing so.  Having spent too much of the last 20 years attempting to follow artist and artistic rules and failing dismally, I now paint whatever I want to in the moment.  And I never know what that will be.  I am an artist, not a content creator, and my influence is liberatingly non-existent except, perhaps, to my dog.

Prints and originals of my artworks can be found here in the online shop as well as through @zulululu_arthouse in the Natal Midlands, South Africa.  Shipping and payment systems for international and local sales are established and secure.

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