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I so hope you’ve enjoyed the first two videos of Ann Wilson’s complimentary “Freedom Workshop”, and that you’re beginning to see your potential as Wealth Creator Extraordinaire.

I’m sharing these videos because I want to play a part in healing the shame and limitation that so often binds us in our relationship to money.  And I know that the more of us that can become financially empowered, the better our world and all beings, will feel.  Sometimes we feel so small and inconsequential, but I believe that in each step we take to empower and heal ourselves, we give permission for all beings to do the same.  So, everything you do and are matters.  Who you are and what you do, think, believe and say, counts – never doubt that.

In her third and final video in the series, Ann gives an overview of your financial freedom blueprint, which you can watch by clicking here.
Financial freedom blueprint can sound simplistic as well as overwhelming – and with so many “silver bullets” for transformation being offered online these days, I understand any “yeah right..” you may be feeling.  I vacillated until the last minute before signing up for FFU last year, and it was a huge stretch for me, but, in the end I listened to that still, small voice, that kept saying, “This is right for you, this will help, this is the next step…”  I am not saying it’ll be the same for you, and, above all I hope that you honour your own inner voice, but even if you don’t enrol for FFU, get as much value as you can from this third video, as well as all the other free content at The Wealth Chef.

In my last post in this series, I spoke about how taking responsibility for my money took the pressure off my art, and literally saved it from extinction.  I remember asking Ann a question on one of the live calls during FFU, as I realised that my art, as a business, was failing.  And I remember sobbing with grief and relief as she told me to release my art from the pressure I was putting on it, and to allow money and assets to support me in living a creative life.  She asked me to allow my assets (including my most important asset – me) to support my art.  The realisation that this gave me, over the following weeks and months, was that I wanted a “portfolio” life.  I can’t remember where I read this term, but to me it means having a variety of creative and fulfilling pursuits that each bring in their own income stream, no matter how small.  These all flow together to form a rich river, which we can then dam, direct and grow.  I realised that was I was doing instead was judging where the money came from – I had a deeply entrenched belief that only certain money was real or worthy.  

For example, I have had a property for years that has helped to support me and my family beautifully and faithfully, but I used to judge that income as “not real” because I hadn’t earned it by doing or making something… yeah, go figure!  But perhaps you do the same in a different way?  What I was actually doing was depreciating and discounting that income, that wealth, that money – the opposite of appreciating it.   I was judging is as “less than”, as though it didn’t count, wasn’t deserved or worked hard enough for.  What do you count as income, as value?  A friend paying for coffee?  Finding 20c on the pavement?  An unexpected tax rebate?  A gift of service or time or attention from someone?  A hug when you’re feeling crap?  What value do you place on what you receive, and do you notice what you receive?  If money and value are energy – and they are – we need to look at how we direct or reject them.


Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, Video 3 of Freedom Workshop


We are taught as children to give, to not be selfish, to share – even our most precious toys.  There’s nothing wrong with this, except its horribly out of balance because we are hardly ever taught how to receive.  Oh, we’re taught to be grateful and say “thank you”, even for what we don’t want – brussel sprouts or a wet, hairy kiss from creepy, weird uncle, or a macrame set for Christmas when all we asked for was a monster truck – but we’re not taught how to be receptive to our desires being met.  Often our desires were, and perhaps still are, classed as shameful, selfish, silly, excessive, indulgent or simply unaffordable.  We’re taught as children to keep our wishes secret, when blowing out candles or dropping a coin into a well, because otherwise they won’t come true!!  Seriously….?!  WTF???  And then we wonder why, as adults, we can’t voice our desires or speak our truth or articulate our dreams.  We wonder why we don’t trust serendipitous rewards, gifts or windfalls which we haven’t earned or expected.  We wonder why we find it so difficult to just say “YES” to life, instead of “yes, BUT….” 

Its a beautiful time to uncover these limiting beliefs and to reset our money mindset.  What were you told as a child about money?  About rich people and poor people?  What do you still…20, 30, 40 years later… still hold as Truth, as self-evident, that is actually just someone else’s garbage?  What if you achieved your wildest money dreams… what could that cost you in love, social status, friendships, a feeling of safety, family?  This was my best part of Financial Freedom University… the woowoo stuff as Ann calls it.  This stuff is the game-changer.  You can learn to be the ultimate stock trader, the ultimate business tycoon, you can learn to out-Warren Buffet Warren Buffet, but unless you deal with this, you will never allow yourself to create, keep and grow true wealth.

Here’s to changing our game, and changing the world while we’re at it!  Enjoy the last video

Till next time, much love xxx