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"Soul Child", oil painting in monochrome of a little girl angel by Wendy Beresford

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Here’s a heads up that the second video from Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, in her complimentary Freedom Workshop, is now live, and you can watch it by clicking on this link: 

I am self-employed.  Which means that I still exchange my time and energy for money exactly as an employee does, the only difference being I am my own boss.  This sounds great, right?  Well, in reality, it often isn’t.

I wish I’d known before… I was an awful boss!  And, if truth be told, I hated working for me.  Unpredictable salary, sometimes no salary, forget about bonuses or incentives, no praise or encouragement, no support and don’t even think about taking a weekend off!!  I couldn’t even call in sick without my “boss” hanging around the entire time I was in bed, berating me for my laziness.  As a boss, I sucked.  And I would like to take this opportunity to apologise wholeheartedly and unreservedly to any of my previous employees who may ever read this.  Kudos to you for surviving me is all I can say.

We are taught this all our lives – exchange your time and energy for money.  Whether it’s clients or a boss or a board of directors, we are subject to one another.  We are taught limits for what you can charge or negotiate in terms of fees or a salary (or rather, we are often taught not to negotiate – ever – especially women).  There are only so many hours in a day and we can’t increase those, so if we want to earn more, we need to increase the value we offer.  We need better qualifications or testimonials or content, in order to increase that hourly rate.  There’s a limit and a scarcity to everything we’re taught or shown about money, including that the only way to get money is by the sweat of your brow or brain.  We’re taught wealth is earned, not created.

There’s a fundamental flaw in this way of thinking…  it’s complete and utter bollocks.  Look around you and you’ll see it simply isn’t true.  Hard work does not equal wealth, hardly ever!  Money is energy, pure and simple, just as love is, and it flows, just like all energy does, to where it’s focussed upon, loved and directed, appreciated and welcomed.  So what’s your money flow pattern?  Prior to my joining Financial Freedom University, I focussed my energy entirely upon generating income and how money came into my life.  And it was never enough.  It always just seemed to leak through the cracks, flowing out quicker than it flowed in.  One of the most incredible things I learned from Ann Wilson was that wealth is actually created by how money leaves your life, not by how it enters your life… yeah, go figure!  The sense of empowerment and relief I felt upon hearing those words was huge.  You mean I could actually change myself, and by doing so, change my relationship with money?  Hell yeah!

Here’s a thing… I have not increased my income since joining FFU and, in fact, it has decreased significantly over the last year due to family commitments coming up front and centre for me.   My net worth, however, has increased.  My assets are finally working for me, like busy little bees, and I am focussed more on creating assets than on generating income.  Since my greatest asset is me, my self-worth has grown significantly along with my net worth.  I am turning things around by taking responsibility for how money is treated, guided, directed and used by me as it flows into and out of my life.  And that has made all the difference.  Understanding that I was actually allowed to keep some of the money that came in was a game changer for me.

Ann Wilson, Video 2 of Freedom Workshop


And yet I’m still self-employed… how has that changed?  Well, I’ve become a better, gentler boss to myself.  I’m kinder and more understanding.  I support myself in my fall downs and my victories.  I’m getting so much better at rewarding myself, balancing my life and not taking everything so seriously.  It’s only life and death after all.  I’m learning to let my inner artist – that creative soul in me who doesn’t give a jot about money or the future – off the hook.  For me, she’s the angel child in the painting here.  It’s my job to support her.  My art cannot be everything to me.  It cannot support me materially, make me awesomely rich, fill all my deepest creative longings, find my place in the world, be there for me every minute, fulfil me spiritually and emotionally, or be all things to me at all times.  And that’s what I was expecting from it.  That’s how I was killing it.  Now I know that my assets are there to create wealth for me, I know how to create them and get them to do that.  My job is to support and care for me, be my own best boss, and live the fullest version of my life right now.  

I think work is honourable and I think income is awesome, and I am not negating the value of either.  I want to offer empowered service during my life here on this little blue planet, and I want to be useful and valuable.  I want to create bucket loads of dosh and I am absolutely unapologetic in this.  But first I had to learn to change my money flow pattern and to heal my relationship with wealth.  I’m by no means done and don’t think I ever will be, so here’s to on-going baby steps and momentous leaps in consciousness!

Enjoy the second video in Ann’s Freedom Workshop series – I hope you get huge value from what has served me, and my art, so incredibly.  The Freedom Workshop  (complete with training videos, PDF downloads and live chat and Q&A) is a financial education all by itself. You can go through the training at your own pace and join Ann for live Q&A sessions and updates in a private facebook group during the Free Freedom Workshop period.  You do need to opt in to get all this, but it’s free here!

Till next time, much love xxx